Longing for summer?

As the weather continues to cool down (hopefully), and as papers and exams start piling up, you may be longing to return back to summer. =)

Here’s a recap of what MERG members were doing this past summer and are probably wishing they had more of, now that the fall semester is in full swing!



“When I’m not working on my dissertation,

I’m reading great books such as Dan Brown’s Inferno and Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.”



“When I’m not working on reading all my students’ papers and analyzing confusing intensive longitudinal data,

I’m going to Little Shop of Horrors in Zilker park with my awesome family or hanging out in Hawaii with Asa!”



“When I’m not brainstorming ideas for new studies,

I’m keeping cool by the river. (Sometimes I even do both at the same time!)”



“When I’m not video coding for the Autonomy Support in High School study,

I’m decorating our new home.”



“When I’m not learning about meta-analysis,

I’m attending the weddings of friends and spending time with family.”



“When I’m not coding for my dissertation,

I’m enjoying beautiful nature at places like Yosemite and Monterey.”