Under the supervision of Professor Erika A. Patall, members of the Motivation and Education Research Group conduct research studies that examine human motivation through a variety of theoretical approaches and applied methods. The following section highlights a few of the current projects.

Research Syntheses:

  • Classroom structure and education outcomes
  • Expectancy-value and child outcomes
  • Parental control and child outcomes
  • Origins of goals and students’ motivation and performance
  • Parental and teacher influences on students’ goals and aspirations
  • Teacher emotion and student outcomes
  • Autonomy support and control in the classroom
  • The relationship between underachievement and motivation, self-concept, and self-regulation

Primary Studies:

  • Psychological need support, choice and cheating
  • Individuality and choosing
  • Autonomy supportive practices in the high school classroom
  • Psychological need support and health behaviors
  • College students’ goal characteristics and their daily effort